The Importance of Coindesk


The influence of cryptocurrency in today’s world is so predominant that it directly or indirectly is contributing to everyone’s lives. The rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency is somehow making it one of the best places of investment. However, with the daily progress in the technologies used in developing cryptocurrencies and its associated stuff is making it difficult to keep track of the latest news and updates of the crypto world.

This perhaps is the initiative to coindesk. Coindesk is the leading news platform for any cryptocurrency news. From the latest updates and press releases to the future plans and schemes of the crypto giants, coindesk has a lot to offer to its users. The fast growing technology and the demand for cryptocurrency raised a huge conundrum among the crypto enthusiasts. There is a lot happening in the crypto world and there is more to happen. But to know about that stuff, we need a reliable source that we can trust. Coindesk is one such platform which offers the most accurate and reliable information about any cryptocurrency.

This not only is beneficial to the users but it also is helping the developers to plug in their products and upgrades. With over 781,000 followers on Twitter, any news on coindesk will reach a wide range of crypto enthusiasts. This definitely benefits the tech giants and crypto developers. For instance, recently Bitmain released an announcement about launching its new miner Antminer Z11 and also about the features they have to offer with their product. This news popped on coindesk after a few minutes of the press release and the pre-sales of Antminer Z11 rose drastically. This is because of the reach of coindesk. This also is benefitting the users of coindesk by exposing them to new stuff that is happening within the crypto world.