Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency

The Forex trading market is one of the world’s largest in terms of liquidity. This has given rise to many of the world’s biggest and best forex brokers. All of the latest forex broker reviews indicate that cryptocurrency trading is now being offered by most major brokers. This is an excellent opportunity for the crypto investors and holders. The more available and flexible cryptocurrencies can be, the greater opportunity exists for them to develop further into the world of trading and the mainstream business setting.

Benefits of Trading Crypto through a Forex Broker

When considering the best cryptocurrency to invest in, there are many variables which you may consider before making your purchase on a recognized cryptocurrency exchange. These include the volume of coins in circulation, market predictions, and most importantly, the available balance which you have to trade with.

The key benefit to consider when utilizing the services of a Forex broker, is that of leverage. Often, leverage on crypto/fiat pairs can extend up to 10 times. This effectively means that you can trade at 10 times the size of you balance. This is a huge benefit for any trader who is seeking to capitalize, and is one of the factors which also boosts the size of the forex trading market.

Which Brokers to Select

There are an abundance of sites to choose from in this respect. Poloniex is one of the few which performs the dual function of also operating as a cryptocurrency exchange. This is a crossover we are likely to see more and more frequently as crypto traded as a CFD becomes increasingly popular. When selecting your broker, you should also consider factors such as safety and security, only trusting the top forex brokers to handle your business. Many of these are also well regulated within the EU and beyond.

Is it Safe?

Trading with any top forex broker is usually very safe. Many of the best forex brokers 2019 and beyond, will have been involved in the industry for over a decade, and are also well-regulated through some of the most stringent bodies in the world of finance. Many of them now feature the top 10 cyptocurrencies to invest in and more. All of this with the additional security that regulation provides. Ultimately, whilst no form of trading or investment is truly 100% safe, you investment will be in trusted and steady hands, with you still entirely in control.


As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, it continues to further evolve in the ways which it can be traded. One of these ways which has been fully harnessed by the sector is the CFDs trading through forex broker platforms. Opening these doors to the huge liquidity which the Forex market provides, can be no small thing for your crypto holding in general. In the future, many can see a collaboration occurring which can ultimately help both sectors to thrive and provide additional ranges of opportunities for traders to engage with more options.