Erisx to launch crypto trading 


ErisX is widely known for being a rival to Coinbase. It is an exchange service widely popular for many of its features. They are going to launch a new platform where you can trade cryptocurrency including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and also Bitcoin cash. This will give them a lot of new users who want to trade cryptocurrency and already love ErisX.

ErisX new team

ErisX has just hired a new dream team who will be creating and building one of the most robust and secure platforms for regular digital assets. They have hired 3 new people to do the job. All of them with a vast level of experience and expertise on the subject.  The three experts go by the name Robert Thrash, Arnold Connel, and John Denza.

Robert Thrash has the experience of 12 years from a different field. The experience will lead him to serve as the COO of the platform.

Arnold Connel has the expertise of 9 years in Google and will be developing infrastructure. Therefore, he is the head of Infrastructure in the platform.

John Denza has the experience of 10 years working in the sales department. For this reason, he will be the business development executive for the platform.

Final words

After just taking a look at the basic profile of the team they just hired. ErisX is going to build an amazing platform for all the crypto exchange. If you have not yet started trading yet, you should start by cryptocurrency trading guide and start trading as soon as possible.

With more new companies offering the exchange and the trading service, soon there will be a lot of more services who will be offering more features than current services are offering.

ErisX also said that they will be adding support to many other cryptocurrencies soon as they start the trading platform. This will just be the start of the exchange service they are going to provide. By looking at the team they have, this surely is going to be a big hit.