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Bitcoin for Education

Cryptocurrency is changing the way the world is doing transactions and education sector is no exception. Recently, universities in Switzerland announced their decision of accepting Bitcoin as payments made against tuition fees and other expenses.


The transactions will not be directly handled by the universities, rather it will be taken care off by a third party firm. For example, in the case of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Bitcoin Suisse AG will handle all these transactions. The university will accept the bitcoins and Bitcoin Suisse AG will convert the bitcoins to Swiss francs. Bitcoin Suisse AG will bore any loss incurred due to exchange rates. On the other hand, students will enjoy the benefit of paying only 1% payment fee, which according to is very less in comparison what students are paying right now.


Needless to say, the majority of courses covered under this scheme will be related to Blockchain and other financial services. Lucerne accepts that they are not expecting a whole lot of students opting for this payment mode initially. However, the number is still expected to grow gradually, as and when more awareness spreads on cryptocurrency.


Apart from Swiss universities, some German and French schools have also started accepting Bitcoin as the mode of payment. ESMT Berlin has started accepting Bitcoins, making it first college in Germany to do so. In fact, a university in Cyprus adopted Bitcoin in 2013, making it the first school in the world for the same. King’s college of the United States followed the trail in 2014.


The trend is catching up pretty well in Asia as well. Malaysian digital Marketing school, Next Academy, has also allowed students to pay their tuition fee in Bitcoin. The payment process involves students to scan the QR code that is made available on Next Academy’s payment page. The interesting part is, unlike their Swiss counterpart, a third party will not handle the transactions. Instead, NEXT will handle the transaction themselves by receiving the Bitcoin payments directly in their wallet. Once the tokens are received, they will be converted directly to the native currency.

Cryptocurrency for Travel


Crypto Tourism

Cryptocurrency despite its high volatility, is finding new techniques to keep itself exciting and appealing to the masses. Crypto tourism is the new and interesting way for travel companies across the globe to maximize their capitalization. Several tourism companies are launching travel programs, dedicated to the needs of crypto and blockchain. Along with the sight-seeing activities, crypto tours include conferences and panel talks on themes related to cryptocurrency. These crypto tours include market talks by the promoters, industry leaders, and are mainly focused on those looking for significant investments in the blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Importance Of Cryptocurrency In Travel Industry

The travel industry is highly interested in cryptocurrency and its hidden technology. By tokenizing the loyalty schemes of airlines there is most likely widespread take-up of cryptocurrency in the travel industry. With the computerized methods, transactions of blockchains are recorded and verified independently and can be viewed by anyone. Since blockchains are programmable, management and automation of transaction can get creative with code. Many tourism company giants are transferring a large amount of data on a blockchain platform, enabling real-time records of hotel registers which will allow them to move the inventories during sales, or high demands. Many airline companies are introducing cryptocurrency for loyalty programme points.

Facilities Of Cryptocurrency During Travel

Reaching the travel destination requires a means of transport that accept cryptocurrency payments. Several airline booking services accept payment by cryptocurrency. Many travel agencies along with flight booking by cryptocurrency also provide booking of accommodation. Booking of flights and accommodation is easier than finding restaurants with cryptocurrency payments because there are only a few restaurants around the world that accept cryptocurrencies. There is also the option to buy food coupons through cryptocurrencies from services. In some countries, there are options to buy gift cards by cryptocurrencies including food coupons.

Problems Of Cryptocurrency In Travelling

Many hotels and travel companies have resisted from taking bitcoin, due to the fluctuations of exchange rates for the currency. There is an uncertainty about the legitimacy of cryptocurrency that whether this is a technological revolution or a financial joke. There are many issues related to crypto tours. With the cryptocurrency market operating in an unregulated manner, crypto tours are often accused of as a promotional medium which is used to toss inconsiderable offerings to the participants who are ignorant.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Basics


What Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites that allow the customers to buy, sell or exchange their cryptocurrency for some other cryptocurrency or other physical currencies like US dollars. There is a requirement of verification of ID in some sites to open an account and therefore getting access to all the tools is required for the trading of cryptocurrency. There are also some websites available for exchanges that do not require an account. Some websites take a fee from each transaction held between the buyers and sellers, while others offer direct trading of currency between people. In several websites, cryptocurrencies are bought at a price set by the brokers who are similar to cryptocurrency dealers. Investing in cryptocurrency exchanges is making your money work hard for you.

Peer-To-Peer Trade Of Cryptocurrency  

Peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies is a decentralized way of trading, that is, there is no interference of the central authority. There is no need for users to transfer their assets to the exchange, hence reducing the risk of hacking in peer-to-peer trading. These exchanges prevent manipulation of the price and are very anonymous as compared to those that require the detail of the customers. Some of these types of exchanges still have centralized components due to the authority to control the exchange.

Some Of The Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Many cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are gathering the attention of investors from all over the world. There are many popular websites of exchanges that provide a platform for trading of these cryptocurrencies. Bitmex, which is among the giants of the cryptocurrency exchange provides marginal trading. Changelly converts one cryptocurrency into the preferred one instantly. YoBit is best suited for customers with low capital.

Precautions Taken Before Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Information about exchange should be searched from the reviews of individuals and popular industrial websites before making the trade. Fee-related instructions should be mentioned on the websites of exchange, also the understanding of deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees is a must. Exchange with limited payment options is not favourable for the customers as these sites become inflexible in transactions.A high quality cryptocurrency tracker will also ensure you never lose sight of your goals.  Many exchanges work on the base of anonymity but can contain many scams.

4 things to keep in mind while investing in cryptocurrency


There is a lot of competition going on with the number of cryptocurrencies in the market. Everyone wants to be a part of the cryptocurrency market these days with the increasing trend. But not a lot is known before one actually dives into this market and starts trading coins. So there the 4 key things to keep in mind before you start investing in cryptocurrency:

  1. Don’t invest in something that you don’t know

This basic rule is applicable to all the kinds of investments that happen in almost everything. But when it comes to cryptocurrency, investing in something which is totally unknown can lead to fatal consequences. So understanding the risks and rewards along with the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrencies is very much essential if at all you plan to start trading in this market.

  1. Having a good background research

Spending an efficient amount of time in gathering information about the block chain, cryptocurrency wallets, certain security measures, scams and a lot of other things can help you get a good background knowledge before you start any kind of investment in the cryptocurrency market. However, just having a background research regarding cryptocurrency is not enough. You need to keep yourself updated with the new things coming up so that it can help you in investing and trading accordingly.

  1. Learn how to track your funds

It can be a bit tedious to keep a record of the various exchanges happening. But it can be successfully done with the help of a proper technique and tool. Learning how to use these tools and techniques that can help you in tracking your assets is very essential so that you can be aware of the investments are done and the ones to be carried out in the future. Know more about how to track your funds on

  1. Be aware always

Taking precautions at every step to stay away from the scams, hacks and frauds happening in the cryptocurrency market while trading is extremely important. Always be careful while entering passwords and private keys while carrying out any exchanges or transactions at any point of the trading process.

So these were a few things to keep in mind before you start investing in cryptocurrency.



4 misconceptions that are fueling the cryptocurrency setup


Cryptocurrency is the growing trend these days with more and more people aspiring to be a part of it. It is something that customers are constantly striving to understand and explore when it comes investing and managing the business trading. But there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding prevailing in the cryptocurrency market when it comes to technology. Here are the 4 popular misconceptions that are fueling the blockchain:

  1. Blockchain and bitcoin are the same

People often get confused between blockchain bitcoin. While Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged between the customers, blockchain is a root technology that allows the client to client transactions that are recorded through a specific network. They widely vary in function and type which a lot of customers fail to understand.

  1. Information regarding blockchain is not available in public

This is another misconception that the technology of blockchain in not publicly available which makes the customers skeptical about using it. The important fact to consider here is that it is very easy to control and trace all the activities on the blockchain. There are no secrets or scams linked with this technology in reality.

  1. Blockchain can be used for everything

Many people are under the myth that blockchain is merely a combination of a high-end authority equipped with skilled mathematics which can solve any kind of problem without the involvement of any other source. Even though blockchain uses complex technology for certain technical transactions, it is still not sufficient in many cases. It is a complicated process overall along with the cryptocurrency. Know more about the uses of blockchain on

  1. Blockchain will be leading in business transactions

It is widely believed that blockchain will manage all kinds of business transactions and change the manner in which a business functions. But in comparison with the current transaction methods, blockchain consumes more time to confirm the transactions which are not feasible in most of the cases.

Even though blockchain has various applications, it cannot be denied that it has already been viewed with a lot of confusion. These are the few misunderstandings that are commonly popular amongst the customers when it comes to blockchain technology.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet and Why is It Important for Crypto Trading?


Just like millions of others you might have found cryptocurrencies and their features fascinating. You might be exploring a lot about how the cryptocurrencies work and how to trade them for making more profit. Hence crypto trading involves the use of a crypto wallet. Now you might be wondering what it is and how it works. So, continue reading and you will get to know everything about cryptocurrency wallets and their importance in crypto trading.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is a digital wallet. It is used to hold, secure, send, and receive crypto assets like Ether, Bitcoin, etc. This wallet is designed to protect your crypto assets against all kinds of threats. Most of the users get crypto wallets when they buy cryptocurrencies. Some also prefer to use third-party crypto wallets in which they can store different types’ of crypto assets at the same time.

The new cryptocurrency exchanges are providing their clients with new crypto wallets. These wallets are safer and more feature-rich in comparison to earlier versions of crypto wallets. You can use them as a smartphone app or online app to manage your crypto assets, trade these assets, and make transactions. Just like a normal wallet, crypto wallets offer a safe space for holding your digital money. That’s why every person, who owns cryptocurrencies, need a crypto wallet to use that currency.

Why crypto wallets are pretty essential?

You might not be able to trade your crypto assets if you do not own a crypto wallet. Whenever an individual invests in crypto assets, he gets a wallet associated with the purchased crypto asset. That’s where cryptocurrencies can be stored because it has no physical existence. Crypto wallets are pretty essential because you cannot trade your crypto coins without having a crypto wallet. Therefore, each crypto exchange provides a unique wallet to allow its members to trade their assets safely.

The centralized exchanges do not provide access to the private key of crypto wallets. The decentralized exchanges are offering a complete control of the wallet and that’s why new traders are more interested in crypto wallets built using the blockchain technology.

The Impact of Politics on Crypto and the Blockchain


There are a variety of factors to consider before investing in any market, especially cryptocurrency and the blockchain. One thing which may surprise new investors, especially those who came in last year during the bullish market trends, is just how much influence political decision making can have over the entire crypto industry. Sure, this can happen in any industry, with crypto being still in its infancy though, decisions are still being made that can have a huge domino impact within the sector. This is not always a bad thing.

Legislation Matters

Undoubtedly, the next couple of years are key in many countries. When getting started in crypto, the political policies within your country were likely not on the top of the agenda. Now however, with the surge created by last years bullish trends, many nations are taking a close look at the sector. In Korea and China for example, it is illegal to run an ICO with the threat of other legislation incoming. It is also almost impossible for foreign residents in Korea to trade on domestic exchanges.

These are important issues which can really swing the market in one direction or another depending on the stance the respective governments take.

The two sides if the Coin

As we have discussed, the environments for crypto and the blockchain in some countries is less than friendly. That rarely dampens the spirits of the community though. You will find that Korea in particular is still one of the major markets and a hotbed of activity in the space.

That said, there are much more liberal nations out there who have welcomed the blockchain innovations with open arms. Malta and Estonia would be considered to such nations. They have spotted the emerging eveolution and become early adopters in helping to get ICOs and new projects started.

As the wave of progress continues, the majority of the community certainly hope that more countries can provide this type of support which would surely boost crypto spirits and markets as well as being highly beneficial to domestic economies.

The Importance of a Quality Whitepaper for Your ICO

Given the current competitive climate when it comes to launching an ICO coupled with the bearish trends of the crypto market, projects who decide to continue with their launch must be perfectly on point to make investors see them as a worthwhile investment. Nowhere is this more important than in the case of a Whitepaper.

This will be the first piece of information that any investor worth their salt will study deeply. Therefore, the importance of a quality whitepaper cannot be over stated. Here are a few more reasons why you should write one more draft if you are planning an ICO:

Reputational Importance

The first thing which will raise red flags to potential investors is a poorly written whitepaper. This could be in terms of grammar and spelling, the information you have included (or failed to include), or even the design and layout of the paper itself. These are all key drivers to deciding how your paper is received, and as history and human nature tell us, it is very difficult to recover from a poor first impression.


Regulatory matters are having a more and more profound impact on the behavior of new projects. These will only continue to get sharper and more focused on the entire market. That is why you need to be proactive in your approach, staying completely compliant with all current regulation, and taking every step necessary to preemptively stay one step ahead of future regulations.

Structured Progress

The Whitepaper of any project will be a core point of reference as you move forward in the future. This is true as much for founders as it is investors. It should provide you with clear and detailed guidance on where you’re positioned and what your goals are. A good Whitepaper can be referred to, and learned from in times of need for any company or investor. It will also keep you mindful of the projects intended direction and act to redirect you if you are deviating from that course.

A quality whitepaper should be a collaborative effort, though you can likely find some professional writers from an agency or independent platform such as Upwork to complete your Whitepaper.