Blockchain Start-Ups, 2018


All these years when Bitcoin was up-and-running, it did good as much as to flaunt it’s 12 thousand average transaction per hour stats throughout. This make about $1,492,424,505 per hour, with 6 BTC average worth per transaction. When we talk about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is not the only one. If you are thinking of a Blockchain start-up, here are a few to keep track off this year.


Extra Credit – Extra credit is the first educational cryptocurrency of its kind. This company rewards its users with cryptocurrency tokens (Extra Credits XTRA) to continue learning about blockchains and also participate in the online tests as well. Isn’t that a great way to make people aware of the Blockchain technology and help them earn some money too, alongside?


Trust Token – This is a very new start-up that offers its users the ability to convert any real asset of their choice into a cryptocurrency token. The benefit is that, it allows people to create liquidity and a partial ownership for their choice of asset, and also provides audits as well as insurance for the token holders.


Ark – Ark is an all-in-one Blockchain solution that is available to developers, users and start-ups, that uses the smartbridge system, offering more flexibility. Ark is the first Blockchain ecosystem, merged with the European Union, as a cooperative society in France.


Thrive – Thrive is a premium decentralized Ad marketplace that uses a meritocratic, community based system. You may consider this as a digital marketing start-up that uses Blockchain to create a safe and rewarding place for users to buy and sell Ad space.

Cypherium – Developed by executives of Google, Microsoft and Amazon, Cypherium offers an astounding levels of scalability in the Blockchain industry. It basically understands the issues with Blockchain’s incompetent infrastructure that results in slow commercial adequacy and intends to resolve it.



Coinlancer – While the freelancer market has loads of prospects, we also need to look at the intense level of risk involved in it. However, Coinlancer is a Blockchain based platform that allows a secure peer-to-peer exchanges among freelancers and their customers, making the process much more safe and dependable.