Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for Trading

With the cryptocurrency boom in full swing, trading platforms for cryptocurrency are having their day. This is where traders, both new and experienced, come to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies in order to make profits and also increase their coin holdings. With thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence today, it can be difficult to determine how to trade cryptocurrency pairs on the right platforms. If you wish to know how to trade cryptocurrency daily on a safe platform, read this quick guide to know about the best cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms.

  1. Instaforex

Founded in Russia in 2007, Instaforex is a reputed investment firm with over seven million clients. Its trading platform is suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals as it offers multi-lingual support service.

  1. Binance

This cryptocurrency exchange platform is based in Hong Kong and is one of the best-known platforms out there. It supports multiple coins and also offers multi-lingual services to facilitate trading worldwide. Binance has also issued its own cryptocurrency coin of the same name. Another noteworthy point about Binance is that they charge only 0.1% of fees for every trade.

  1. io

This platform is built along the lines of a multi-purpose platform. It allows the purchase of Bitcoin through fiat money, the exchange between different cryptocurrencies and also features a mining pool. permits users to buy cryptocurrency with credit cards for low fees and even for free through bank transfers. It has operations in a number of countries around the world and features four different account levels with various buying limits to suit the needs of different levels of traders.

  1. Coinbase

For new traders, the best site to invest in cryptocurrency is undoubtedly Coinbase. It has an extremely user-friendly interface which allows traders to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum with ease. Given that Bitcoin is the base currency to buy most other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is an excellent option for those looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading. The platform charges a fee of 1.49% when buying coins through bank transfer and 3.99% when buying through credit card.

  1. Kucoin

This is again a good contender for the best site to invest in cryptocurrency. It operates out of Hong Kong and offers over 69 Bitcoin pairs to trade. Kucoin also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS to facilitate traders on the go. It also charges a flat fee of 0.1% per transaction.