Best Blockchain Stocks To Invest In

The cryptocurrency hype has been going strong for over a decade now, and more and more people are attracted each day to the world of this decentralized digital currency where anyone with strong coding skills can make good money. However, buying cryptocurrency is not the only way that people can take advantage of this burgeoning trend. Another way to benefit is by investing in blockchain stocks, many of which are being issued by the biggest names incorporate. If you are wondering which blockchain stocks to invest in, read on for our quick guide to the best blockchain stocks out there.

  • IBM

Tech mogul IBM has lost no time in catching up with the blockchain revolution. From healthcare to finance to agriculture, IBM has worked on successful blockchain solutions and its recent TradeLens shipping solution has received considerable attention. It is, therefore, one of the best blockchain stocks to watch out for and well worth your money.

  • Microsoft

Another tech giant, Microsoft became the first company to launch a cloud-based blockchain enterprise in 2015 and has been a major player in the blockchain-for-business field ever since. Its Ethereum-based Azure blockchain has found takers among the likes of NASDAQ, so you can certainly invest confidently in such blockchain stocks.

  • Oracle

This global player has launched a Blockchain Cloud Service (BCS), a blockchain-as-a-service solution that helps businesses perform multiple tasks including sharing of information and secure identification. As another tech giant up in the ranks of IBM and Microsoft, this is another company whose blockchain stocks are well worth investing in.

  • Daimler

The company behind the luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz has made its own forays into technology and issued its own blockchain bond called Schuldschein in 2018. Given Daimler’s successful history of experiments with artificial intelligence, there is little doubt that their blockchain stocks will be well worth the investment too.

  • MasterCard

As a titan in the world of traditional finance, it might seem odd to find MasterCard on this list. However, the company has seized eagerly upon blockchain technology and went to the extent of offering banks a blockchain-based alternative to credit cards back in 2017. MasterCard was also the second Fortune 500 Company after IBM to work on payment decentralization, making them a natural candidate for generating blockchain stocks to watch for.