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The Importance of Coindesk


The influence of cryptocurrency in today’s world is so predominant that it directly or indirectly is contributing to everyone’s lives. The rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency is somehow making it one of the best places of investment. However, with the daily progress in the technologies used in developing cryptocurrencies and its associated stuff is making it difficult to keep track of the latest news and updates of the crypto world.

This perhaps is the initiative to coindesk. Coindesk is the leading news platform for any cryptocurrency news. From the latest updates and press releases to the future plans and schemes of the crypto giants, coindesk has a lot to offer to its users. The fast growing technology and the demand for cryptocurrency raised a huge conundrum among the crypto enthusiasts. There is a lot happening in the crypto world and there is more to happen. But to know about that stuff, we need a reliable source that we can trust. Coindesk is one such platform which offers the most accurate and reliable information about any cryptocurrency.

This not only is beneficial to the users but it also is helping the developers to plug in their products and upgrades. With over 781,000 followers on Twitter, any news on coindesk will reach a wide range of crypto enthusiasts. This definitely benefits the tech giants and crypto developers. For instance, recently Bitmain released an announcement about launching its new miner Antminer Z11 and also about the features they have to offer with their product. This news popped on coindesk after a few minutes of the press release and the pre-sales of Antminer Z11 rose drastically. This is because of the reach of coindesk. This also is benefitting the users of coindesk by exposing them to new stuff that is happening within the crypto world.

Erisx to launch crypto trading 


ErisX is widely known for being a rival to Coinbase. It is an exchange service widely popular for many of its features. They are going to launch a new platform where you can trade cryptocurrency including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and also Bitcoin cash. This will give them a lot of new users who want to trade cryptocurrency and already love ErisX.

ErisX new team

ErisX has just hired a new dream team who will be creating and building one of the most robust and secure platforms for regular digital assets. They have hired 3 new people to do the job. All of them with a vast level of experience and expertise on the subject.  The three experts go by the name Robert Thrash, Arnold Connel, and John Denza.

Robert Thrash has the experience of 12 years from a different field. The experience will lead him to serve as the COO of the platform.

Arnold Connel has the expertise of 9 years in Google and will be developing infrastructure. Therefore, he is the head of Infrastructure in the platform.

John Denza has the experience of 10 years working in the sales department. For this reason, he will be the business development executive for the platform.

Final words

After just taking a look at the basic profile of the team they just hired. ErisX is going to build an amazing platform for all the crypto exchange. If you have not yet started trading yet, you should start by cryptocurrency trading guide and start trading as soon as possible.

With more new companies offering the exchange and the trading service, soon there will be a lot of more services who will be offering more features than current services are offering.

ErisX also said that they will be adding support to many other cryptocurrencies soon as they start the trading platform. This will just be the start of the exchange service they are going to provide. By looking at the team they have, this surely is going to be a big hit.

Apps for investing in cryptocurrency 

There are many options for investment in today’s world. When you are looking for the investment that will have the best return is cryptocurrency. To invest in cryptocurrency there are various options available. You can also invest in cryptocurrency using an app. Here are some of the apps for investing in cryptocurrency:-

#1 Binance

The best app to invest your money in cryptocurrency is Binance. It has been the best trading platform where you can trade cryptocurrency with the lowest amount of fee. It is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange when seen by trade volumes. You can download the app for Windows, MacOS, and also on a mobile device such as Android. They provide all the reports where you can see the trade history, and check how much crypto you have brought or sell using the app.

#2 KuCoin

KuCoin is the app that is commonly known as “The People’s Exchange”. It is a crypto platform that is used for trading. It is a beginner friendly platform that will make the whole thing easy for new users by giving them the whole new opportunity to trade the cryptocurrency. The fee of the platform is low and you will be only charges 0.1% for all the cryptocurrency transaction using this app. You can also pay it using their own tokens called KuCoin shares. This makes investing in cryptocurrency a lot easier.

#3 Tab Trader

Tab trader is a trading platform where one can easily trade and exchange the cryptocurrency for free. The app was founded back in 2015. Till today the app has more than 400,000 users in across 178 countries. The users have access to trade and market the various type of crypto exchange. They have an easy to use interface where one can trade crypto. Also, there are push notifications from which you can know about the price. Privacy is taken full care of even the Tab trader doesn’t know anything about the user’s fund. The app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency

The Forex trading market is one of the world’s largest in terms of liquidity. This has given rise to many of the world’s biggest and best forex brokers. All of the latest forex broker reviews indicate that cryptocurrency trading is now being offered by most major brokers. This is an excellent opportunity for the crypto investors and holders. The more available and flexible cryptocurrencies can be, the greater opportunity exists for them to develop further into the world of trading and the mainstream business setting.

Benefits of Trading Crypto through a Forex Broker

When considering the best cryptocurrency to invest in, there are many variables which you may consider before making your purchase on a recognized cryptocurrency exchange. These include the volume of coins in circulation, market predictions, and most importantly, the available balance which you have to trade with.

The key benefit to consider when utilizing the services of a Forex broker, is that of leverage. Often, leverage on crypto/fiat pairs can extend up to 10 times. This effectively means that you can trade at 10 times the size of you balance. This is a huge benefit for any trader who is seeking to capitalize, and is one of the factors which also boosts the size of the forex trading market.

Which Brokers to Select

There are an abundance of sites to choose from in this respect. Poloniex is one of the few which performs the dual function of also operating as a cryptocurrency exchange. This is a crossover we are likely to see more and more frequently as crypto traded as a CFD becomes increasingly popular. When selecting your broker, you should also consider factors such as safety and security, only trusting the top forex brokers to handle your business. Many of these are also well regulated within the EU and beyond.

Is it Safe?

Trading with any top forex broker is usually very safe. Many of the best forex brokers 2019 and beyond, will have been involved in the industry for over a decade, and are also well-regulated through some of the most stringent bodies in the world of finance. Many of them now feature the top 10 cyptocurrencies to invest in and more. All of this with the additional security that regulation provides. Ultimately, whilst no form of trading or investment is truly 100% safe, you investment will be in trusted and steady hands, with you still entirely in control.


As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, it continues to further evolve in the ways which it can be traded. One of these ways which has been fully harnessed by the sector is the CFDs trading through forex broker platforms. Opening these doors to the huge liquidity which the Forex market provides, can be no small thing for your crypto holding in general. In the future, many can see a collaboration occurring which can ultimately help both sectors to thrive and provide additional ranges of opportunities for traders to engage with more options.

Encashing your Bitcoin Investment

With the Bitcoins touching high prices, you can book some profit and encash your investment. If you have gained a good profit and you need some hard cash for other things in your life, you can easily convert your Bitcoins to cash and use it for your day to day needs. Here is a complete guide to encash your Bitcoins in real-time currency.

Methods of Converting your Bitcoins into Cash

  1. Using the LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a Finland based company which offer P2P Bitcoin exchange. It is spread widely across 248 countries having buyers and sellers of Bitcoins across 15000 cities. There are high chances that you will get a genuine buyer of your Bitcoin via LocalBitcoins in your own city.

LocalBitcoins is a trustworthy company and widely popular. You can use this website if you do not want to use an exchange for buying or selling your Bitcoins. The main advantage of using this method is that you are directly dealing with the buyer and there are no intermediaries in between.

The second advantage is that you can choose the format in which you require the money whether Bank deposit, cash or even PayPal. LocalBitcoins helps to meet the buyers online and the trade happens between the seller and buyer offline. The buyer can either wire the amount in the bank account of the seller or choose to pay cash after meeting up with the seller in person. LocalBitcoins only acts as an escrow manager and the prices for the bitcoins are set up by the individual sellers only.

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

You can easily sell your Bitcoins using the exchanges where you can exchange your coins for fiat. Some of the most popular exchanges are Coinbase, Bitfinex, WazirX, Kraken, BitMex, bitFlyer etc. Some of these exchanges might not work globally as they vary from country to country and have currency restrictions.

You can turn your Bitcoins into any type of fiat/currency you require like INR, USD, EUR or GBP. You need to decide whether you need the money directly transferred to your bank account after selling your Bitcoins on the cryptocurrency exchanges or whether you need hard cash after selling your Bitcoins in person. You can also spend your Bitcoins for buying stuff on Amazon and other websites.

Everything you need to know about BitMEX

There is a lot of confusion about the BitMEX in the crypto space due to its wrong listing on many exchanges. It has happened because only a handful of people understand the complete workings of the BitMEX exchange.

Here is a complete guide about BitMEX which will make you understand completely what BitMEX is and how it works.

It should be useful to you as the advantages of crypto and it’s utilizing platforms are spreading at an enormous rate. Not many people know that now you can even get to book a Function venue using this priceless currency.


What does BitMEX stand for?

BitMEX is a peer-to-peer trading platform on which leveraged contracts of bitcoin can be sold and brought. It stands for Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange.

Like a derivative in the stock market, BitMEX acts as a derivate in the crypto instruments market. A derivative as per definition is an instrument whose value is derived from one or more underlying instruments. These underlying instruments can be commodities, currency, precious metals, stocks, bonds, stock indices, etc. In the stock market, Futures, options and swaps are the derivatives.

In the same way in BitMEX, crypto derivate instruments whose value is derived from the value of the Bitcoins is sold and brought with the help of margin trading.

Margin trading refers to the leverage you get for the amount of money invested by you. For example, you have $100 to invest in BTC and you want to trade for $200, so you will use margin trading of 2:1 where for every dollar you are investing, you will get one extra dollar to invest. This is known as leverage or margin.


Types of contracts on BitMEX

There are 4 different types of contracts available on BitMEX which are as follows:

  1. Perpetual Contracts: It is similar to a Future contract and a margin-based spot market. It is only available for BTC and there are no expiry or settlement. These contacts trade close to the underlying Index Price.
  2. Traditional Contracts: It is the agreement to buy or sell a specific commodity, currency, bond etc. at a predefined price at a specific time in the future using BTC.
  3. BitMEX Downside Profit Contracts: It allows the traders to participate in the contracts of the potential downside of an instrument.
  4. 4. BitMEX Upside Profit Contracts: It allows traders to participate in the potential upside of the instrument.

Blockchain Start-Ups, 2018


All these years when Bitcoin was up-and-running, it did good as much as to flaunt it’s 12 thousand average transaction per hour stats throughout. This make about $1,492,424,505 per hour, with 6 BTC average worth per transaction. When we talk about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is not the only one. If you are thinking of a Blockchain start-up, here are a few to keep track off this year.


Extra Credit – Extra credit is the first educational cryptocurrency of its kind. This company rewards its users with cryptocurrency tokens (Extra Credits XTRA) to continue learning about blockchains and also participate in the online tests as well. Isn’t that a great way to make people aware of the Blockchain technology and help them earn some money too, alongside?


Trust Token – This is a very new start-up that offers its users the ability to convert any real asset of their choice into a cryptocurrency token. The benefit is that, it allows people to create liquidity and a partial ownership for their choice of asset, and also provides audits as well as insurance for the token holders.


Ark – Ark is an all-in-one Blockchain solution that is available to developers, users and start-ups, that uses the smartbridge system, offering more flexibility. Ark is the first Blockchain ecosystem, merged with the European Union, as a cooperative society in France.


Thrive – Thrive is a premium decentralized Ad marketplace that uses a meritocratic, community based system. You may consider this as a digital marketing start-up that uses Blockchain to create a safe and rewarding place for users to buy and sell Ad space.

Cypherium – Developed by executives of Google, Microsoft and Amazon, Cypherium offers an astounding levels of scalability in the Blockchain industry. It basically understands the issues with Blockchain’s incompetent infrastructure that results in slow commercial adequacy and intends to resolve it.



Coinlancer – While the freelancer market has loads of prospects, we also need to look at the intense level of risk involved in it. However, Coinlancer is a Blockchain based platform that allows a secure peer-to-peer exchanges among freelancers and their customers, making the process much more safe and dependable.

Blockchain Changes Lives in Africa

Some of the experts from technology, law and finance gathered for the ACTAI & Bitfury;s 4th annual Blockchain summit. They assembled in Morocco to talk about Africa’s transformation with the introduction of the Blockchain technology. The conferences reflected a larger trend of Africa emerging as the most welcoming country for Blockchain innovation in the world.

A Blockchain is a digital ledger, applied in various situations. One can store information such as transactions, contracts, and identity as well in it. Africa has a developing infrastructure and weak governance, resulting in less trust over the local governments and more attraction towards the platform.

Factors affecting Africa’s Development – As per the UNICEF, in the sub-Saharan Africa, 2/3rd of the infants are not registered with the government at the time of birth, and 3/4th of the kids don’t posses birth certificates. The issue is that the unregistered population aren’t allowed to access health care, education facilities or even own a property.

Why Blockchain – Blockchain is one among the first technologies that gives Africa an opportunity to compete internationally. Reason being, there is a huge requirement for a flawless, resistance-free services in the continent. According to a consultant from Blockchain Academy, which is based out of Africa, the whole thing is basically pushed by frustration, resulting in dysfunctional economy, growing inflation and underperforming financial services. For them, Blockchain is like catapulting through other technologies, due to lack of options.

Though Africa has gained momentum regarding blockchain’s introduction for good, infrastructure still seems to be a challenge. There are other challenges like good internet, proper electricity as well as the awareness of the public about the platform. However, there are a few remarkable advantages that Africa hold over other continents. With really less number of legacy stakeholders and systems in place, the innovators from Africa can easily opt out of the outdated technologies and grab whatever best opportunity that suits and benefit them.
Taking an instance of phones in Africa, the consumers gave up on the burdensome landlines and jumped straight to mobile phones, much faster than the worldwide average!

Bitcoin for Education

Cryptocurrency is changing the way the world is doing transactions and education sector is no exception. Recently, universities in Switzerland announced their decision of accepting Bitcoin as payments made against tuition fees and other expenses.


The transactions will not be directly handled by the universities, rather it will be taken care off by a third party firm. For example, in the case of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Bitcoin Suisse AG will handle all these transactions. The university will accept the bitcoins and Bitcoin Suisse AG will convert the bitcoins to Swiss francs. Bitcoin Suisse AG will bore any loss incurred due to exchange rates. On the other hand, students will enjoy the benefit of paying only 1% payment fee, which according to is very less in comparison what students are paying right now.


Needless to say, the majority of courses covered under this scheme will be related to Blockchain and other financial services. Lucerne accepts that they are not expecting a whole lot of students opting for this payment mode initially. However, the number is still expected to grow gradually, as and when more awareness spreads on cryptocurrency.


Apart from Swiss universities, some German and French schools have also started accepting Bitcoin as the mode of payment. ESMT Berlin has started accepting Bitcoins, making it first college in Germany to do so. In fact, a university in Cyprus adopted Bitcoin in 2013, making it the first school in the world for the same. King’s college of the United States followed the trail in 2014.


The trend is catching up pretty well in Asia as well. Malaysian digital Marketing school, Next Academy, has also allowed students to pay their tuition fee in Bitcoin. The payment process involves students to scan the QR code that is made available on Next Academy’s payment page. The interesting part is, unlike their Swiss counterpart, a third party will not handle the transactions. Instead, NEXT will handle the transaction themselves by receiving the Bitcoin payments directly in their wallet. Once the tokens are received, they will be converted directly to the native currency.

Cryptocurrency for Travel


Crypto Tourism

Cryptocurrency despite its high volatility, is finding new techniques to keep itself exciting and appealing to the masses. Crypto tourism is the new and interesting way for travel companies across the globe to maximize their capitalization. Several tourism companies are launching travel programs, dedicated to the needs of crypto and blockchain. Along with the sight-seeing activities, crypto tours include conferences and panel talks on themes related to cryptocurrency. These crypto tours include market talks by the promoters, industry leaders, and are mainly focused on those looking for significant investments in the blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Importance Of Cryptocurrency In Travel Industry

The travel industry is highly interested in cryptocurrency and its hidden technology. By tokenizing the loyalty schemes of airlines there is most likely widespread take-up of cryptocurrency in the travel industry. With the computerized methods, transactions of blockchains are recorded and verified independently and can be viewed by anyone. Since blockchains are programmable, management and automation of transaction can get creative with code. Many tourism company giants are transferring a large amount of data on a blockchain platform, enabling real-time records of hotel registers which will allow them to move the inventories during sales, or high demands. Many airline companies are introducing cryptocurrency for loyalty programme points.

Facilities Of Cryptocurrency During Travel

Reaching the travel destination requires a means of transport that accept cryptocurrency payments. Several airline booking services accept payment by cryptocurrency. Many travel agencies along with flight booking by cryptocurrency also provide booking of accommodation. Booking of flights and accommodation is easier than finding restaurants with cryptocurrency payments because there are only a few restaurants around the world that accept cryptocurrencies. There is also the option to buy food coupons through cryptocurrencies from services. In some countries, there are options to buy gift cards by cryptocurrencies including food coupons.

Problems Of Cryptocurrency In Travelling

Many hotels and travel companies have resisted from taking bitcoin, due to the fluctuations of exchange rates for the currency. There is an uncertainty about the legitimacy of cryptocurrency that whether this is a technological revolution or a financial joke. There are many issues related to crypto tours. With the cryptocurrency market operating in an unregulated manner, crypto tours are often accused of as a promotional medium which is used to toss inconsiderable offerings to the participants who are ignorant.